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Foundation Institute of Africa is a fully fledged institute governed by a Board of Directors, backed up by an advisory board of consultants with enormous technical expertise in Education & Training, Legal Affairs, Business Management, Growth & Investments, Financial Management, Business Development and Corporate governance  issues while the Senior Management Team  which is composed of departmental heads is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director.

FIA Advisory Board

FIA advisory council is a body established by the Trustees to govern the Institute and assist in promoting its foundational and educational aims. The advisory council consists of 6 non-executive professional consultants, chaired by an Educationist Prof.  David Sumo. The advisory council’s role is to advise and guide the Board of Directors in making sure the institution’s leadership meets stipulated standards of an educational institute.

Advisory board Members
  • Chairman
  • Head of financial services
  • Head of legal services
  • Head of corporate services
  • Head of investments and marketing services
  • Head of research and policy