Vision, Mission and Core values

//Vision, Mission and Core values
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Developing the African youth into highly skilled, disciplined, inspired, versatile and pragmatically transformational leaders by adequately preparing and equipping them holistically for challenging and dynamic societal roles.


“Bridging the poverty gap in education to enable deserving African Youth access high, quality, relevant and appropriate tertiary education through the intervention of the Kenya Youth Education Scholarship Fund.

Core Values and Principles

In an endeavor to offer and maintain high quality and efficient customer services as well as management system, Foundation Institute of Africa (FIA) shall be guided by the following set of values and principles:

  • Academic Excellence: We must keep our promise – “Bridging the gap”
  • Team Work: We can only succeed if we work together in harmony with all stakeholders.
  • Customer Orientation: Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
  • Hard Work: There is no short cut to success.
  • Personal and Corporate Growth and Development: We ought to guarantee organizational continuity and sustainability and realize the efforts of those sharing our ambitions.